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PLEASE CONTACT US AT: susannekayser@bikendrikisland.com

P.O.Box 720, MH 96960 Majuro, Marshall Islands 

Bikendrik Island


What our guests say about Bikendrik Island:



"Bikendrik Island is a private island paradise with warm air and water. The only noise you hear are waves,wind and the Rare Micronesian Imperial-pigeon.The private lagoon has a white sand bottom with coral heads with much marine life."


- Corinne M., June 2017

"It is a little paradise on earth. The climate is great, the water of the lagoon is clear and warm, the food

and cocktails are delicious. "


- Fons F, Feb. 2016

"Unglaublicher Inseltraum!" 

- schwehmo, April 2017

"We couldn't wait to plan our return visit to Bikendrik Island and this time it would be over Christmas and New Years"


- C.McC, January 2017


"extraordinary! Most unique and special place"


- lgppres, May 2017

"Unforgettable private Island vacation on Bikendrik!"


- Corinne M. June 2016

"Fantastic experience in a very remote place on earth"


- laakk, Feb. 2016

"Paradise. What a place to relax and be free"


- Chris G, Aug. 2015

"Was soll ich noch mehr sagen: Bikendrik ist kurz vor dem Paradies oder hat man hier sein Ziel bereits gefunden? "


- K.L. Jan. 2017

What Our Guests Say About the All-Inclusive Dining On Bikendrik Island





The food ... ah ... the food. all cooked by Suzy, was EXTRAORDINARY! Think 5 stars here. fresh croissants, struedel, fresh tuna, parrot fish, out-of-this world desserts, I just can't say enough about the quality of what I was served for all meals."


J.K. Feb. 2017

      "Homemade croissants and bread, juice, strong coffee, fruit and the best treat of all….coddled eggs in their little porcelain pots. Soup to start followed by a tasty entrée and then a main course. One evening it was fresh lobster tails. The next Austrian roast pork and dumplings. And our third evening, roast duck and apricot sauce. Each meal served with a carefully selected wine. Our favourite dessert was an Andalusian chocolate mousse with almonds served in tiny Meissen expresso cups. Digestifs followed….a banana liquor was a perfect ending to such meals."

- M.W. August 2016

      "I'm a spoiled foodie, too, so the place has to have decent food!) Well, you can't get much more "far away" than Bikendrik Island, and the food is incredible!"


Dr.K.M Feb. 2016

"Heavy silver cutlery and serving pieces created an elegant atmosphere….Downton Abbey meets the tropics. Soup to start followed by a tasty entrée and then a main course."

How to Get Here: 


Bikendrik Island lies in the northern Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands.  The direct flight from Honolulu to Amata Kabua Airport in Majuro takes 4.35 h. You will be collected at the airport and be brought directly to Bikendrik Island by boat, which takes about 40 minutes. 

Useful links:


UNITED AIRLINES: www.united.co

Our Airline. Our Airline operates between Australia and the Marshall Islands and also connects with Nauru and


Kiribati. see www.ourairline.com.au

VISA REQUIREMENTS: http://wikitravel.org/en/Marshall_Islands